About Us

Hi. We are a solutions architecture firm based in the Penang area. We used to be run from Georgetown, but since the pandemic, have moved most of our operations online.

This site is being reconstructed at present so I hope y'all excuse the dust. We are using mdbook to create this new version of the site.

We are still happy that through the challenges we have faced in the years since we started this business in 2017, we are still able to hold onto these principles:

1. We are anti-capitalist, anarcho-syndicalist.

Profit is not the goal here. We may exist under the rules of capital, but that doesn't mean we have to accept it.

2. We take care of each other.

If you can't afford capitalist tokens, let us know. Private classes and sessions are provided for free to children as part of our policy.

3. We take responsibility

We do not compromise on the services we offer to our clients. We would rather say "no" than pick up a job and do it badly.

Future Work

We are going to take our time to make our website not only a showcase of what we do, but also a living document where you can also benefit from the solutions we have found for various technological problems.

The usual folks already know where to find us, and we hope to continue our fruitful mutually-beneficial relationship far into the future.