Computer Services

Computer Services

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General computer servicing, from the mundane to the complicated. In-house services to store visits. Pricing is determined by you. Some people think RM 200 is a good price for their work. We think you should be paying much less than that.

Pricing negotiable depending on your financial needs.

Pay what you want comprehensive computer assistance

Choose wire transfer at payment so we can customise our services

We think you pay too much for tech support. The truth is most of the problems you faced can be easily resolved. If only there was someone who would be able to patiently help you until you resolve your computer issue.

Hey! That's us! Tell us what you need help with, and how much you are willing to pay for such a service, and we will patiently guide you until you resolve your issue.

Pay what you want. We believe you know how much you should be paying for the help you are receiving. And that is why we set the price for this item at RM 1.00 so you can decide how much of an increase should be applied to the price after we discuss your problem.

Honest and upfront explanations. We won't name names, but you can find companies charging obscene rates for easily resolvable problems. They can do this because they know they can get away with it. We refuse to take that route and firmly believe everyone should be offered the chance to learn why a problem occurs, and how it should be resolved.