Install LineageOS on your Android phone

Install LineageOS on your Android phone

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Your phone will be upgraded to the latest version of LineageOS, the popular fork of Android that respects your privacy, and keeps your loyal phone from retirement.

Pricing negotiable depending on your financial needs.


A better Android

Do you have a Google Nexus 5 that is still running on Android 6.0? Wouldn't you like to install the latest version of Android on that smartphone to give it a new lease on life? Then LineageOS is the operating system for you.

Give your phone a new lease on life. Old hardware becomes new again. LineageOS developers take the latest version of Android, and respin it so that it is not only more respectful of your privacy out of the box, but also allows older hardware to run the latest version of Android.

Better security. The easiest way to keep your phone secure is to make sure you keep your phone's operating system updated. Unfortunately, phone manufacturers often abandon support for older hardware long before you need to replace your phone. We do not agree with planned obsolescence as it is environmentally detrimental, and we think you would agree as well.

Check out whether or not your phone is supported by LineageOS here.