Linux Deployment

Linux Deployment

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RM 50.00

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Consultation and installation of a Linux operating system not exceeding one hour.

Pricing negotiable depending on your financial needs.

This Linux Thing

Or how to get out of that relationship with Windows

Linux powers servers and supercomputers. And can of course power your computer too! Unfortunately, there is no quick and easy physical support for Linux-running machines. We aim to rectify that.

Runs well on old hardware. So much great hardware ends up gathering dust because the latest versions of Windows do not support them. Let's keep them out of the landfill for a few more years.

Runs great on new hardware. If Linux runs great on old hardware, imagine how much better it runs on newer hardware. Get your DRM-free games from the Humble Bundle, or install Steam for the full gaming experience. Do video editing with the Oscar-worthy editing suite Lightworks.