Network Optimization

Network Optimization

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RM 100.00

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Determination of local WiFi problems and subsequent rectification with a money-back guarantee. Servicing with present hardware only with no additional equipment.

Pricing negotiable depending on your financial needs.

Fix your home network

You deserve a better connection to the Internet

Everyone has an anecdote on that friend who sits in a particular corner of the house because that's the only place with reliable WiFi. With ISPs charging upwards of RM 100 per month, you do deserve better.

Better WiFi with existing equipment. From our experience, most connection issues are configuration issues. If your countless attempts to resolve the issue with online searching has yielded nothing, perhaps it is time to try a professional instead?

Security upgrade. We notice that settings are often subpar, and frankly cringeworthy in terms of security. If you don't know how to resolve this issue, we can resolve it for you.

On the spot lessons. We will teach you what we are doing, and why we are doing it, so next time you encounter an issue, you will be able to solve it yourself. Who knows, you could be be the next go-to person for tech support!